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  • HeadquartersNorway
  • IndustryHospitality
  • Service we provideResearch, Wireframes, Mobile App Design, Website Design, Design System
three mockups showing Staffers mobile app


Staffers was created by 3 former hospitality professionals with one main goal - to create a better work-life balance. They experienced staffing pains first hand, and were often the ones that had to work 16-hour shifts when the business could not find someone. To solve this issue, they created a digital job-marketplace connecting job seeker with business in a smooth and efficient way.
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two mockups of Staffers mobile app


"Webscope's expertise and creativity in design have truly exceeded our expectations. Throughout the entire process, they demonstrated a high level of professionalism and commitment to delivering the best results possible. They were always readily available to address our concerns, offer valuable insights, and provide constructive feedback. This resulted in a seamless process that allowed us to make the right adjustments as necessary"
Thom Berglund
Thom BerglundCo-founder, Staffers
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